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Shock and Awe 04.27.2013
Bucketbath films presents... 04.16.2012
School of Hope 04.09.2012
"Incredible India" 04.05.2012
The Village People 03.22.2012
Shopping Fever 03.13.2012
Burmese Nazi? 03.07.2012
You've missed us? 03.01.2012
Dharma Blues 02.28.2012
The Faces of Yangon, Myanmar 02.17.2012
Pink Granola 02.13.2012
Myanmar Monks 02.06.2012
Sore thumbs 02.04.2012
Life outside the bucket 01.26.2012
Running for Ruin 01.24.2012
Burmese Sweat 01.12.2012
Falling in love in Laos 01.09.2012
Cambodian Hoedown 01.05.2012
The Mysterious Adventures of Vietnam 01.04.2012
New Years Resolution: Magic Hands 12.30.2011
A Very Merry (Ladyboy) Christmas 12.25.2011
Cooking at the Bumi Bali 12.20.2011
Long lost Indonesia 12.19.2011
Hurry Up and Wait 12.08.2011
Born to be Wild 11.30.2011
Bucketbath takes a Mucketbath 11.22.2011
R&R. Kind of. 11.14.2011
A Breath of Fresh Air 11.04.2011
Gentlemen, Start Your Razors: Movember 2011 10.28.2011
On a quest for glory 10.27.2011
Descending into Indonesia's Blue Fire 10.26.2011
Hostel Lock down 10.18.2011
The Sweaty Traveler (Joanie) 10.10.2011
Coming to a theater near you 10.05.2011
Even the Dead Have an iPad in Hong Kong 10.05.2011
The Sorcerers Apprentice 10.03.2011
Hungry? 09.27.2011
The Mayor of Luoyang Winds Up In the Hospital (Micah) 09.23.2011
Mission Accomplished (Joanie) 09.22.2011
The Greatest Workout Ever (Hiking the Great Wall) (Micah) 09.15.2011
Chinese Wisdom 09.12.2011
Running through Tiananmen Square (Micah) 09.08.2011
"Vegetable Soup" (Joanie) 09.07.2011
Today's the Day (in more ways than one, Micah) 09.04.2011
One Foot Out the Door (Micah) 09.02.2011
Downsizing for a Bucket Bath (Joanie) 08.23.2011